Carbon credit program for private woodland owners

Improve the ecological and capital value of your forest and
unlock carbon-based income from your land with CO2 credits


What are carbon credits?

The effects of carbon emissions from human and business activities have a lasting negative impact on our climate and living environment.

A carbon credit is a quantified environmental benefit that is designed to compensate for or neutralize impacts on environmental functions. Forests are an essential element of the global carbon cycle. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help reduce the effects of climate change. That makes generating and selling carbon credits an additional revenue stream for woodland owners.

GreenDeal brings together companies who wish to offset their carbon emissions and woodland owners who want to earn income from their land and forest.

GreenDeal makes generating and selling carbon credits easy

The GreenDeal carbon credit program supports forest owners who see their land and forest as a long-term investment and are willing to follow climate-informed forest management principles in cooperation with forestry experts.

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GreenDeal is for you if you
  • own forest or woodland
  • wish to earn money from generating carbon credits
  • want to improve the ecological and capital value of your land, enhance biological diversity, and help to mitigate the climate change
  • see your forest as a long-term investment
  • are willing to follow climate-informed forest management principles

Forests play a vital role in stabilising the climate;
they regulate ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and support livelihoods

- United Nations

9 reasons to join the GreenDeal carbon credit program

GreenDeal brings together businesses, who want to offset their carbon emissions and woodland owners and makes carbon exchange easy, secure, and transparent.

Interested in finding out how much carbon your forest land stores?

Send us information about your forests and we will calculate it for you.
Our specialists will then explain the results to you. This does not oblige you to anything.

How does it work?

The long-term capacity of forest ecosystems to absorb and sequester carbon depends on many factors. These include land management activities, species composition, age, disturbance, climate etc. With our calculator, we can take these factors into account.

The most accurate forest land CO2 calculator in the world

The GreenDeal CO2 calculator was built in collaboration with forest and carbon scientists from the University of Tartu, Tallinn University, the Estonian University of Life Sciences and various companies.

While other calculators measure only 1-2 factors to calculate the CO2 balance, we provide a data-based methodology that includes much more factors. We believe that accurate measurement is the first step towards a solution to the climate crisis.

Our tool makes the calculation of potential carbon income as accurate, fast, and easy as possible.

Created together with:
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Calculate the approximate income

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5 years

10 years

50 years

Please be aware that the statistical average numbers used here are for demonstration purposes only and may not reflect your exact income.

Leave us the details of your forest and we will accurately calculate the potential income of your property.

Order an accurate calculation
That is the net income of earnings after various expenses have been deducted

5 easy steps

We calculate the carbon storage of your woodland

You provide information about your land. We evaluate carbon storage in your forests to track greenhouse gas emissions and removals from forestry.

We prepare your offer

In your personal offer that is based on the data of your assets, we demonstrate the ability of your forests to absorb and sequester carbon and send you an offer.

We sign the papers and launch the program

We sign the carbon credit contract. Adding new assets into the program is easy at any time in the future.

We bring your credits to the carbon marketplace

We register the generated carbon credits and then sell them to companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

We will pay you

You will get paid as soon as the carbon credits of your forest land have found a buyer. The longer you participate in the project, the more you earn.

Why choose GreenDeal?

Smart, but simple

We use complex conversion equations and models in our calculations, but make it easy for you to understand, and join. You’ll be set up in 20 minutes and be better informed on how to earn economic benefits from your properties in a matter of days. The longer you participate in the program, the more you will earn and benefit.

Financial and environmental benefits

You’ll effectively balance financial concerns and environmental positivity. You’ll earn additional income from your forest in a smart way without cutting it down. That enables you to restore your forestland to its ecological and economic potential. But it also helps to protect the planet. Managing your forest in an environmentally friendly way contributes to a more sustainable future for all of us as carbon sequestration is key to avoiding climate catastrophe and the accompanying economic losses.

Your property is monitored and managed

We are there for our clients with our knowledge and services. Our vast experience in forest management empowers us to offer various solutions to our clients and eliminate any issues. Our specialists are always there to answer your questions and keep an eye on your forest with advanced satellite technology.

A future-proof solution

Our experts will help you manage your forest sustainably. Our science-based forest management methodology is based on timely principles of sustainable forest management. We take into account the special features of your forest and its maximum CO2 sequestration and economic benefits when preparing a long-term plan.

  • What are carbon credits?

    We all have a carbon footprint. Companies and individuals can account for their unavoidable emissions by buying carbon credits from certified activities that protect ecosystems and reduce or remove emissions from the atmosphere. The forest binds carbon, and therefore companies are interested in buying carbon credits from the forest owners to compensate for the negative effects of their own activities. A carbon credit is a certificate that proves that the company has paid for the removal of a certain amount of CO2 from the environment.

  • Which forest properties are eligible to enroll on the GreenDeal carbon program?

    We aim to make the forest carbon credit markets approachable to a wide range of landowners that are interested in contributing to meaningful natural climate solutions. All types and sizes of forests are eligible for the GreenDeal carbon program. Based on the information about your forestland, we will prepare a personal offer.

  • How long does it take to join the program?

    The process of joining the GreenDeal carbon program takes about 20 minutes. After your application, we will make accurate data-based calculations. This will be followed by an offer and consultation. We will walk you through the responsibilities, payment deadlines, and technical specifications to be followed. Once everything is clear with the agreement, we can sign the contract.

  • Who buys the carbon credits?

    Companies that wish to offset their emissions purchase carbon credits. The GreenDeal platform is preferred by those who want to see data-driven and real-world impact. As a forestland owner, you get paid for an amount of carbon that your forest in fact sequesters and stores from the atmosphere.

  • Why should I choose the GreenDeal carbon program?

    Our forest CO2 calculator is the most accurate solution in the world. Most calculators take into account only 1-2 factors to find out the CO2 balance of the property. Our innovative methodology includes many more important factors that make it more accurate and data-based. Our solution has been developed in cooperation with our leading universities and other cooperation partners. We are also the first ones in Estonia to provide an opportunity to receive money from carbon credits for private forest owners. Customers choose us for our expertise and knowledge. They appreciate that the answers to their questions are based on science and data, but are easy to understand at the same time.

  • How much additional income can be earned?

    Your income depends on the type of trees, the quality of the land, the length of the project, etc. Income also depends on specific conditions and the price of carbon units at the time of sale. We calculate the potential income of your property before making an offer.